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Growing up in a garden

Growing up in a Garden

Many of my best childhood memories occurred in my mother’s garden; the hours of unstructured time spent outside in the long free days of childhood. The garden was sprawling and abundant, well-tended but never fussy or over manicured. It was a space to explore, create and live in. It is these experiences in the garden that led me down my current path in creating a garden with my mother and now my three and a half year old son. I believe gardens have potential to nurture children in many beneficial ways.   

Children are immersed in learning about the world though their senses and the garden is rich in sensory experience. I can remember the springy softness of chamomile and thyme under foot, the smells of lemon and chocolate geranium, the soft velvet of wooly lamb’s ear, the hum of bees and humming birds. I would forage in the yard and garden for fruits, vegetables and other edibles with a great feeling of purposefulness. Somehow food picked of the plant was tasted …

Owl house

I came home to this on my kitchen counter

After a couple minutes I realized that probably after I complained about gophers in the garden a few too many times my dad had built an owl house to assist me in taking care of problem. One of the owls indigenous to this area is the screech owl. My dad found instructions for building a box that meets their nesting requirements at
Simon is filling the box with wood chips No owls yet (except Owly)